How to Start and Grow Your Income Abroad


  • How and where to find federal, private, and contract jobs hiring worldwide...even if you have ZERO experience abroad
  • How to make a recurring income through your computer (using several methods!)  
  • How to combine these methods to add multiple income streams so you can avoid working non-stop, yet earn a consistent monthly income that more than replaces your 9-5

Introducing the
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Watchdog Jobs: Make an Income Abroad

Here's All the Value You Will Get in this Course

Multiple Modules that will will help you start or grow your income while traveling!

Find and Land Your Next Job 

Abroad 4X Faster

Go and work overseas for a reputable company or US Government agency abroad. We cut the job search time drastically by showing hundreds of companies hiring abroad right now!

Make a Full-Time Income Working Remotely

Want to make a living online? Maybe straight from the comfort of your own home? These guides will show the top companies hiring remotely and where you need to go to find these vacancies!

Find U.S. Embassies Hiring Worldwide

Go directly to the U.S. Embassy's job openings. We built a map listing every U.S. Embassy with a direct link to the vacancies page for faster applications.

Crash Course: Start and

Monetize Your Own 

Membership Site

Make a recurring income by building your own membership site. Learn the basics and build the framework to start getting monthly and/or yearly deposits into your account!

Crash Course:

Affiliate Marketing 101

Learn how to make sales and cash flow by promotion of other products and services. Master the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. No need to create your own product (or website) whatsoever!

Crash Course: Start and

Monetize Your Own Blog

In depth step-by-step blogging blueprint. Don't know where to start? Let us show you how to start, build, and monetize your blog.

Crash Course:

Build and Sell an Online Course

Master the fundamentals of building an online course. Learn how to make content, publish, and market your course!

Modules and Lessons

About the Creator

Hello… I’m Nathan – entrepreneur, international jobs finder, USMC veteran, and founder of Watchdog Jobs.

I’ve spent the past several years traveling to 25+ countries due to me finding work abroad and making an income from my laptop while doing so. Let me show you how to earn multiple income streams.

To Your Success,

Nathan Schweikart

Watchdog Jobs Founder

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The Two Paths To Make an Income Abroad

We built this course for job-seekers and those trying to make an income on their own.

For the job seeker

  • Check out our 600+ List of Contracting Companies Hiring Worldwide
  • Use the U.S. Embassy Map Pinpoint to View Hundreds of Embassies Hiring Overseas
  • View the top companies hiring remotely willing to pay you to work from your computer while traveling
  • Use the job-searching guides to help you from your cover letter to the interview

for the entrepreneur

  • Learn how to build a website from scratch
  • Site now built? Monetize it in several ways through our crash courses: Blogging, Membership Sites, Affiliate Marketing, and Selling a Course 
  • Learn how to promote and advertise your site through promotions and marketing
  • Build your OWN business and leave the 9-5!

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Here are some extra bonuses you will get:

Goal Checklist |PDF Download

What are your financial goals? How do you want to meet these said goals? Go through our simple checklist to help you get started on your roadmap for making an income abroad.


Job Search Organizer|PDF Download 

Keep track of all aspects of your job search with the downloadable spreadsheet covering four weeks. Update it based off each job applied to all the way to the interview. 


The Perfect Resume

& Cover Letter 

Use our guides and checklists on building the perfect resume and cover letter. Included is a plug-and-play cover letter along with must-have bullet points for your resume. 

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Making an Income Abroad Course

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